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How to Increase Organic Traffic and Conversions from Twitter?

Twitter is a big platform serving globally and people enjoy it a lot. Although some of its moves, and factors are ridiculous but still, it is an amazing social platform. Recently, it is heard that some of the twitter’s demographics might be shifting in some time but that may cause it a loss because it will weaken the strength and power of the platform. The young generation has already switched to Instagram and Snapchat quite much, So, in this case, Twitter must maintain its position.

Beside many other social networks and shifting trends, Twitter still has millions of active users and is very well used. Although Twitter never reached the height as Facebook did but it’s importance and use in the brand market and customer communication cannot be denied. No social network other than Twitter serves a wide range of opportunities for businessmen and entrepreneurs and this is quite notable.

This is how Twitter helps for brands in the market and inform your platform approach.

Twitter In 2018:

Some people think that Twitter is losing its popularity with the passage of time, but it’s given active users are enough to count on its usage monthly.

Twitter is having almost 330 million users while Facebook has billions of users, but Facebook leads to every platform other than Twitter as well. Instagram has also gained billions of users while Snapchat has 180 million actives and so on. On comparing Twitter might seem quite small than Facebook but its importance and use is much broader.

Some other astonishing facts regarding Twitter are highlighted here. More than 90% of its users who run many small and medium businesses on this platform look forward to making some sort of purchase as well from the company. Twitter is having almost 80% of the customer service requests. Similarly, more than 80% of people check Twitter occasionally or at least once a day.

This is obvious that flourishing more leads on Twitter is quite impossible at least for now but something should be there that serves all active brands to do their primary goal within the range of their social strategy of marketing.

Knowing what Stats Matter:

One major problem that almost all the brands end up on Twitter is that they think they are doing greater and better than they are. They overestimate their performance.

Another major flaw is that we consider the ratio of followers and non-followers but unfortunately it’ of no use here. The fact that counts is that how many people engage with your tweets and how well your tweets are getting responses. This matters how many shares, likes and comments you get out of your tweets and links.

Let’s take an example; We assume our impression on Twitter like having 500 retweets or more. Well, it’s pretty good but there is something more important than this as well. Here you are not building your social presence. The motto here is to generate leads. You are back to your site if you are not getting enough clicks. You would not be able to get leads and potential conversions which could otherwise be yours.