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Instagram TV

Ways to promote your brand through Instagram TV

IGTV is the talk of the town these days and everyone want to use this feature to market their business. Because it is just like YouTube videos and in future people can use it for making money. Although, it has been recently launched by Instagram and most of the people don’t know how to promote their brand using Instagram TV. Instagram has not yet introduced IGTV ad or monetization but it is center of attraction for many users and can lead to get more Instagram followers. Here we will talk about some ways that how can you promote your brand through your IGTV channel and make it binge-worthy.

Promote your Instagram TV video:

Make a promotional strategy to connect your target audience in an effective way before you hit record. Promote your video after uploading it on your IGTV channel i.e. linking it to your Instagram stories. You can find the link icon at the top of the screen, click on it then you can add your URL r link your content with IGTV post. Now click on the “+” button (you can find it next to IGTV videos). Here you can add direct link or teaser of the video in your Instagram story. Don’t forget to promote your content on cross social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to draw more attention to your followers. Add brand hashtags in the description section to make your video more searchable.

Make your content exciting

Although Instagram TV is a platform where you can upload long-form videos but you have a few first seconds to impress the audience. As you know the first impression is the last impression, so ensure that create interesting content that will captivate the audience instantly.

First off, opt a theme for your video. For example:

  • Give them a traditional TV experience by taking ideas from most famous TV genres such as reality TV shows, quiz shows etc.
  • Create demo/ how to videos
  • Create a video in which you can conduct an introductory session of any popular product or unboxings etc.
  • Take your viewers behind the closed doors and introduce your staff when they are working on some new project.
  • Invite your followers to launch events through IGTV videos.

Pick any idea that entices you and starts your video with a band.

Choose the right length

Although IGTV gives you the opportunity to create immersive content and upload video up to one hour long but it doesn’t mean you have to post full 1 hour long videos. You can upload 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 5-minute long video. Instagram wants Instagram TV to be more of a substitute to video sharing network giant YouTube, than a Netflix alternative. Usually, the short yet interesting videos are the better option for the IGTV channel. The key is to create content according to the brand and keep in mind what other people want to see. Remember to hit the “…” button on IGTV app that will show you retention rate- meaning when your audience begins to lose interest. This might help you to understand what kind of length your audience like best.