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Dunkin’: the latest rebranding of this Digital era

It has been confirmed from the official sources of the renowned Brand Dunkin’ previously known as the Dunkin Donuts, that the brand is rebranding, and this would be the major rebranding in this digital age. This is the executive decision of the brand to remove the word DONUTS from the name of the well-known restaurant.

The Chief marketing officer of Dunkin’ says that this decision of rebranding is not about changing the nature of the business, it will be what it was before and the core of it will remain the same. However, this rebranding is just a change in the name of the brand only. Due to this change, the brand is trying to reach younger, best call them the digital first generation and to better represent that the brand is offering a wide range of products rather than just representing the donuts from its name.

According to the Chief marketing officer CMO, Dunkin is the simpler name for the brand and it is more modern than before. This name is shorter but has the same enriched heritage that was the property of the brand. The iconic pink and orange colors and the same font used in the name of the brand used since 1973, will be there for the customers who love the brand. This new name will also help the brand to explain better the breadth of the product offerings to its customers and potential markets.

This is how the classic brand of America is going to give their customers a twist and a new and exciting change. The change has been started to be adopted by the brand on the social media while it may take a few months for all the franchises to get the rebranding done.

This rebranding strategy of the Dunkin Donuts may be because of the high pressure over the social media as a strong social media presence is the challenge for the fast food channels. The consumers who are tech-savvy have a lot of expectations too. The younger generation wants the brands to be active any time of the day and, they like the transparency as well as a list of the product offerings to get a good variety.

They have rebranded and by the name of Dunkin’ they have started to offer a new range of products too for the customers. While they are also working hard to rebrand and use the marketing tactics that will make the brand even more trendy and up to date.

Now this change will make a case study for us after a few years or so, but we will see after some time that how this rebranding in this digital era has gone for the beloved Dunkin Donut. We hope that the marketing team of the brands gets what they wanted to have with this rebranding and offer us some more exciting and yummy products which a treat for us will be too.