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Why you should preserve your child’s cord blood

The use of cord blood has become really vital and popular in modern days. People are becoming more aware of why they should save their child’s cord blood. Parents are very protective of their kids. They do a lot of stuff for their safety, such as plugging out the sockets and removing the unnecessary items from their homes. This is also a great initiative for the safety of your child and yourself. Umbilical cord blood is important to cure many diseases and has its long term benefits. If you have your child’s cord blood protected at the time of birth, you can use it in the future anytime you need it for positive purposes. Some of the reasons for which you should definitely consider preserving the cord blood of your child are as follows.

Source of stem cells

There are a lot of valuable stem cells present in the cord blood. Stem cells hold so much importance in our system because they are considered to be the building blocks or foundation of our immune system and blood. If you have any blood-related issue it can be cured by these stem cells. The repairing of blood vessels, tissues and organs are done very easily through this. Even it is considered to be the remedy for different types of cancers and brain injuries.

Replacement of chemotherapy in leukemia

The main application of cord blood is for the patients of leukemia. Normal blood is not formed in the leukemia patients and to overcome this problem, normally the general solution is to conduct chemotherapy. The main and easiest method in this situation is to get the stem cells the repairing and healing feature for the immune system and blood do its trick here and the leukemia patients will not have to suffer. If the right donor is selected and doctors perform the stem transplant, this will even create the possibility to make new blood. The recovery will be really fast and successful.

Rich source of special cells

Actually, you can also extract stem cells from other sources. These other sources can be fetal tissue, bone marrow, teeth fat of babies, and muscles, but all these are not so much a rich source of these cells. A number of stem cells you get from the umbilical cord is really a lot and provides many benefits.

Reason behind the strength of umbilical cord blood

Actually, the stem cells which are extracted from the umbilical cord blood of a child is immature and has a greater capacity for healing. There are some ethnic minorities who find it really difficult to have the exact match when the need stem cells, cord blood will get matched there easily. Also, when you perform the transfusion of cord blood, the chances of rejection decrease that may occur in the case of bone marrow transplant. The ability to react in return of foreign substances is not present in these immature child’s cord blood cells and they get used to the system easily.